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Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge


Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge (APNWR)

The refuge was established in 1980 and it spans a total of 5,568 square miles. While hunting and fishing in and around the refuge, King Guiding is determined to keep the area as pristine and wild as we first found it. Our number one priority is always reminding our clients about our leave no trace polices and keeping the land as organic as it was created to be.  

Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve

Aniakchak National Park was established in 1978 encompassing 300,000 acres. Right in the heart of the park is Aniakchak Mountain, home to an active volcano with a caldera. Inside the 6 mile wide caldera lies Surprise Lake and the gates to the Aniakchak River. 


The Mission for the APNWR

The main mission of APNWR is to protect and help sustain fish and wildlife while also protecting the land to keep it as untouched as possible.

Helpful Links For The Refuge


Aniakchak National Monument & Reserve

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